About the Blog

I started this blog in April, 2016 with these purposes in mind:

  • To encourage deeper and more engaging worship.
  • To exhort fellow worship leaders to fight the tendency toward complacency and mediocrity.
  • To help church leaders, who may not be musicians, to better understand the art of worship for equipping saints for the work of that ministry.
  • To share ideas for attaining 100% participation in worship

If any of these ideas resonate with you, I encourage you to join the discussion on here, my Facebook page, and join the Facebook group “Church of Christ Song Worship Leaders” (a group open to leaders and singers alike, but focused on the topics of worship and worship leading).

About the Author

My name is Tim Berman, entrepreneur, music nerd, and hymn writer. I was blessed to grow up in a godly home with a brother and two sisters. My father, Jody, preached full time for a number of years, and has always been a teacher of the Word and my spiritual mentor, though he doesn’t fully share my interest in music (he loves to sing, though!). My mother, Tylene, is largely to thank [blame? :)] for my music addiction, having sung to her children from an early age, and taught us to participate in worship.

We listened to hymns, growing up, and I believe I can thank the Favorite Hymns Quartet (Dane, Tim, RJ, Don, and Hugh) for teaching me harmony by ear. A few years ago, Hugh and Linda Bozeman invited me to Singing School and that marked a turning point in my ministry. I will elaborate on the Singing School experience in a blog post, but suffice it to say that my perspective on worship was stood on its head, and I was equipped with tools to help me on my journey from a cocky young song leader to a humble worship leader who wants nothing more than to guide people to the throne through life-changing worship. Won’t you join me in this journey?