Song in the night

THE HALLMARK OF THE FAITHFUL ARE THE STILL SMALL STRAINS OF OUR HEARTFELT SONG IN THE NIGHT. In the midst of a discourse between Job and his friends, Elihu profoundly describes God as “our Maker who gives songs in the night.” Elihu’s assertion is that people often do not seek God as we ought to, even in the midnight hours of our lives. But a great and ancient truth is contained within these words. God’s people enjoy a blessing known to no other, for even in the darkest of times, God has given us a ray of hope—and a song.

The gospel in song: The Armor of Light

SANCTIFICATION INFUSES THROUGH PRODUCTIVE FAITH, TAKES ROOT IN COMMUNITY, AND THRIVES IN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Conversely, sin lurks in idleness, takes root in isolation, and thrives in secrecy. In a time when more people are home from school and work than ever, and the threat of pandemic, death, and economic fallout looms large, Christians must brace themselves for the spiritual battle silently ensuing.

Which Hymnal or Song Collection Should We Choose?

Selecting a hymnal or collection of songs for a congregation is not an easy task. Oh, it's easy to grab a book with songs that I like, but choosing a hymnal for a congregation carries the daunting responsibility of providing a primary source of the spiritual language of the congregation, and a couple of generations … Continue reading Which Hymnal or Song Collection Should We Choose?

Homework – Getting the Most out of Singing School

So you're going to a singing school, this Summer, or perhaps you've already been to one. How do you make the most of the week? After all, these weeks are packed with powerful worship moments, new songs, music theory, and treasured memories with salt of the earth Christians. It's impossible to fully appreciate and apply … Continue reading Homework – Getting the Most out of Singing School